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Sarah Lee Studio

Ocean side table with drawer (matte finish)

Ocean side table with drawer (matte finish)

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Elevate your home with this "C” shaped ocean end table.

This is a perfect fusion of functionality and unique artistry. The "C" shape design allows the table to seamlessly slide under your chair, bringing it closer for convenient use. The table's top is hand-painted with resin. Finish with a matte coating that offers ultimate scratch resistance. 

The small wooden drawer gives a convenient home to your essentials. 

Its easy-to-clean surface ensures effortless maintenance, while its heat-resistant* nature offers peace of mind.  Whether you're enjoying a cozy cup of tea or need a convenient spot for your laptop, this end table is ready to enhance your everyday life.

Its back metal base ensures stability, and its adjustable feet allow you to perform adjustments if needed.

*heat resistant up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Dimensions: 19x14x26(h)

Only available for local pick-up/delivery

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