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Sarah Lee Studio

Salt Cellar

Salt Cellar

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  This unique box seamlessly blends artistry and functionality.  Originally designed to hold salt or pepper in the kitchen, this versatile box goes beyond its culinary purpose. You can use it for your jewelry, hair ties, bobby pins, and other small treasures. 

The lid is hand painted, making it  truly one of a kind. Crafted with acacia wood,  it has a swivel lid and magnetic closure.

Whether you're seeking a stunning addition to your home decor or a perfect gift for a friend, this wood box is an exceptional choice. 

Box specifics:

-Made out of Acacia wood 

-Hinged/swivel lid and magnetic closure.

-Outside dimensions: 3.5” diameter x 2.5” height 

-Inside dimensions are 2.5" diameter x 1.5" deep

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