Interested in a Mural?

  • The first step to commissioning me for your project is to send a quick inquiry using the form below. Simply describe your project and let me know when you’d like it completed.
  • Next, I’ll respond within 24 hours asking for photos and approximate dimensions. After you send those, I’ll be able to give you a cost estimate and we will figure out a design and schedule that works for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

( Check out Common questions below for more info.)

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Common Questions

How much does a mural cost?

$15-30 per square foot. The mural rate varies heavily on the amount of detail that is desired. More detail = higher overall cost.
A very detailed mural on a small wall, or a simplified mural on a large wall could be close to the same cost. I can create a mural for any budget!

How does the design process work?

First, I’ll ask that you describe your vision with as much detail as possible and provide
image examples. I often ask my clients to search Google or Pinterest for ideas similar to
those that they envision in their mind to give me a better feel of what they’re wanting.
The more information the better! You will not stifle my creativity with too much direction.
Second, I will design a mock-up based on your input and then get your feedback. *Please note, there is a mock up fee to get started; think of it as a deposit.

Does the surface of the wall matter?

Any surface can be primed and painted! But the type of wall material can effect cost.