Resin (or epoxy resin) is a material that can be used for many different purposes and is created by mixing two components that are matched to each other; a 'resin' an a 'hardner'. After the components have been mixed with each other, a reaction occurs that converts the liquid substance in to a solid/cured state. Once cured, it can now be a functional piece of art, ready to use and enjoy.

Sarah Lee Studio's Resin is...


Color and vibrancy is important! Rest assured you will have a beautifully vibrant work of art.

Bubble Free

Have you seen resin work before but it had a lot of bubbles trapped inside distracting you from the overall image? You can be confident that you will not find bubbles in any of Sarah's work; she is a perfectionist when it comes to her artwork.

Food Safe

Safe for food contact. Enjoy serving or placing food directly on the resin with piece of mind.

Heat resistant

Heat resistant up to approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit; think warm appetizers, coffee cups, and laptops.

Learn how to care for your resin art

Be sure to read the tips on how to care for your resin to keep it looking stunning for years to come.