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Sarah Lee Studio

Textured Dark and Stormy

Textured Dark and Stormy

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A dark and stormy ocean, its waves crashing against a textured black sand beach, in a composition that defies conventional expectations. This original piece is a visual journey that transports the viewer to a realm where nature's raw power collides with the enigmatic allure of the sea. The dark hues evoke a sense of foreboding, while the stormy atmosphere creates an aura of suspense and intrigue. The combination of these elements creates a powerful piece. This original artwork is the perfect addition to any art collection, bringing an air of intrigue and sophistication to any space. 

Navy blue ocean with a textured black sand beach. This piece is inspired by what I imagine a midnight storm looks like against a Hawaiian shore. 

Size: 18 inch Diameter

Can be turned into a clock if desired. (purchase "Make it a clock" separately for $60)

Clock hands will ship detached from clock face and can easily be assembled on arrival.


Please forgive any reflections; resin is incredibly difficult to photograph. 

*Colors can very based on lighting while photographing, and your screen display*


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